Home Care Safety Tips for Aging Parents

Home Over 55 Staff Writer 2016-05-27

When you’re dealing with a aging parents, the first thing on your mind may indeed be their safety. It is obvious that as one grows older, the body becomes weaker and vulnerable to various ailments and diseases that may test the body. It is therefore necessary to give special attention to caring for an aging parent just as we to little children. As your parents grow well into their advanced years, it’s important that you spend some time considering how to create a safe home atmosphere so that you can relax and know that they are safe as can be while you are away.

Today, let’s take a look at some safety home care tips for aging parents:

Take Steps Now to Avoid Accidents and Falls

In terms of the elderly, most of the injuries that people over 55 suffer occur mainly at home and could be prevented if special precaution is taken. A key area that needs special attention is the bathroom. Many elderly have suffered broken bones as a result of sliding on the bathroom floor or tub and falling. This is a great danger and the first precaution here is to ensure that the floor is not slippery so as to avoid sliding. This can be done by resurfacing the floor or putting a hard corner to corner mat on which one cannot slide. It is also wise to put grab bars just at the entrance of the bathroom and also on the walls slightly above the waist height. This will assist the elderly to hold such grab handles to assist themselves in standing firm.

Proper Home Lighting For Aging Parents

Lighting is another key point to consider when dealing with the elderly. The whole house must have ample light to ease any necessary movement, especially due to the poor eyesight which can result from old age. Lights in the bathroom should be adequate and if possible, the bathroom ought to be close to the parent’s bedroom so they do not have far to walk when using the bathroom in the middle of the night. Along with bright lights, be sure that night lights are plugged in so that your parent can see fairly well in order to turn the bathroom light on.

Bathroom Safety For Seniors

If you are financially able, you may prefer constructing a special bathroom for your parents or doing a complete overhaul of the existing bathroom. Regarding the entrance door, you can remove the door or rebuild it so that the door opens outward. If you choose to remove the door, you may choose to put a heavy curtain to maintain the privacy. Be sure to remove the towel racks and any loose material stuck on the wall, as it’s tempting to grab onto such items when unstable. You do not want the towel rack to come out of the wall and your loved one fall to the ground.

Another place that can be dangerous for the elderly is the toilet, so look into placing a toilet that is suitable for the aging. You can also install hand rails at waist height for them to support themselves.

Shower Safety for the Elderly

Regarding a shower, it is best to install a walk-in shower or tub, as it is difficult for an aging person to get their legs up and over the tub. Many aging adults have fallen doing just that and have suffered a great deal of pain. These days, walk-in showers or tubs are quite affordable and aging adults report that they really like the ease of getting in and out of the shower. Many are equipped with seats and a handheld shower nozzle so that adults can sit down and shower. Safety bars are also provided so that they have something sturdy to hang onto as they maneuver in the shower. This also allows your parent to get in and out of the shower if they are in a wheelchair.

If all these precautions are well taken care, your parents should have little to no problems in the bathroom. Have a discussion with your parents and get their input. They want to be safe in the bathroom just as much as you want them to be. Go ahead and get to remodeling their bathroom with precaution and safety in mind.

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