8 Tech Trends for Seniors

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Grandpa doesn't have to stop his tech knowledge right after he learned how to text or 'surf the net'. Put simply, don't underestimate a senior citizen in the Rochester, NY area. Not only are they able to embrace new technology, but certain new technological advances specifically cater to them and their needs. Studies show that six out of ten senior citizens are now using new technology daily. That's why there is actually new technology designed to benefit senior citizens. And if family members aren't able to teach you, there are plenty of programs out there, free of charge, which can aid you in your technological training. Websites such as SeniorNet.org or OasisNet.org. We found the most innovative and helpful tech gadgets and goodies that will make life just a little easier (and don't forget exciting!).

Benefits of gaming for seniors

Get out those gaming consoles and get to work. Not only have studies shown that computer and TV games improve mental agility, but also your physical well-being. For instance, the Wii Fit allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home and doesn't cause any unnecessary strain.

Why reading is beneficial to seniors

Sometimes senior citizens start to have problems with their vision. This often causes them to stop reading – even when it's one of their favourite pass times. Tablets allow you to keep reading by downloading e-books where you are able to set the font and size which makes reading easy for you.

Elderly use of Smartphones on the rise

There are Smartphone apps that take the worries out of how much and when you need to take your medication. Smartphone's are smart like that; taking some of the many responsibilities off your shoulders.

Stay connected with friends and family using video messaging

With relatives and loved-ones often moving to cities and even countries, Skype is very nifty. It's free to download, you only need internet connection. Then you are able to talk to these far-distance family and friends without paying an arm and a leg in phone call costs and you can video call, so grab yourself a coffee and it will be like they never left.

Download Skype

Use Uber to catch rides

Many senior citizens decide not to or aren't able to drive anymore and sell their vehicles. This is why an app such as Uber is so useful. Anytime you need a lift, you simply go unto Uber and ask if there is an Uber driver in your area. Before you know it, you'll have someone that can drive you and you'll be shopping or socializing soon.

Start Using Uber

Use Apps to securely store important information

This is another Smartphone app and I think this is absolutely critical whether you are a senior citizen or not. It's called Everplans and is basically a technological vault in which you keep all important documents such as wills. You can also save all your passwords. There really are no limits to what information this app can safe keep. It best part of this app is that you have the option to share the information with friends or family members of your choosing – no-one else will be able to see the information except for you and whoever you chose to share it with.

Social media is perfect for people over 55

Senior citizens often complain that they get very lonely. With family and friends often living a long way from where they are staying or they are just not really interested in socializing with others within their community or retirement village. More and more senior citizens are using social media platforms such as Facebook (yes, you heard right) to socialize with other online members. Even introverts are proving to be more comfortable expressing themselves and enjoying the company of others when it's not a forced face-to-face encounter.

Mobile Apps that detect a fall

They are currently in the last developing stages of a very handy gadget; a fall detector. Two such app's called Emergency Fall Detector and Fade:Fall detection can be downloaded at Google Play. Many senior citizens live alone and are not able to reach someone in the case of an emergency such as when you have a big tumble. Quite frankly I think this is a fantastic gadget for anybody living alone, and will have an amazing impact on the reaction time of these accidents.

New technology is being developed every day. In fact, it's sometimes hard to keep out. This doesn't mean you should be deterred from researching, learning about and experimenting with various technological innovations. You never know when you might need it...

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