5 Trusted Apps For Seniors to Manage Your Medications

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Nobody is safe from forgetting to take pills on time, missing a dosage or taking double dose by mistake, but the risk among seniors is higher. Failure to comply with a prescription's timing and dosage of medication can have serious affects on senior health and may lead to worsening disease states and even hospitalization. A smart way to decrease worries caused by control over prescriptions is to delegate it to your smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

Nowadays in the era of mobile technology, application developers have tuned into this topic and developed numerous programs designed to help people over 55 take medications as prescribed. A study recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that mobile apps help to improve medication adherence, even for older adults who may lack experience with smartphones, computers or the internet.

With the growing number of apps aimed at resolving this issue, the choice among medication adherence apps is not an obvious one. The research carried out by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences identified 461 medication adherence apps on the iTunes, Google Play, and Blackberry marketplaces. The study identified these five apps as the most trustworthy:

Medisafe - Never Forget Your Pills Again

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder is perfect for retirees over 55. The App allows you to schedule different types of medications with their description, dosage, regime type and frequency. The app is easy to install and navigate, so called “pillbox” on the main screen gives a clear vision of the whole medication cycle during a day. With this app you can track drug intake and lots of health measurements, such as blood pressure, pulse, weight and temperature. The app keeps records of treatment in a dairy and can generate reports on weekly, monthly and yearly basis, which can be shared with your doctor. There are some networking features included in the app so you can find a ‘medfriend’ or doctor, and even sync your app with family members. And of course you can set a reminder for each option: medicine intake, measurement and appointments. For the US users there are discount cards and coupons at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid built into the app.

MyMeds - The Complete Medication Manager

MyMeds is an app that helps you manage meds by sending daily reminders by text, email or push notification depending on your preference. The app shows not only which medication you should take, but also the reasoning for it. It tracks your medication, saves and analyzes your usage history. The app will notify you to refill your prescriptions and suggest the best price for each prescription nearby. With MyMeds you can add a care circle for yourself, your family member or other dependants and be in sync with a treatment team. There are also gamification features built into the app which reward you with MyMeds Points for being on track with your prescriptions. MyMeds is available for both Android and iOS devices, as well as on the Web.

Care4today - Mobile Health Management and Medication Reminder

Care4today Mobile Health Manager for seniors whether you're in assisted living or independent living. Care4today helps you manage your medications by harnessing the power of mobile technology, which means reminders, tracking and connectivity. The app is easy to use and navigate, on the main screen there are medication reminder tiles with information on timing, dosage and adherence tracking. Each drug can be selected from a medication database built into the app. You will receive reminders when you need to take your next pill and when you are due for a refill. The app is designed to keep track of your medication schedule and provides reports for every type of medication you use. You can share these records with your doctor directly from the screen of your mobile device. You can also be connected to your healthcare provider and your loved ones to support one another to take medication on time.

Dosecast - Medication Reminder

A great application for helping people with timely medication and control over medical treatment. This app allows you to fill in easily a list of your medicines and assign a number of reminders to each. Dosecast has a wide range of sounds and options for their notifications: repeating signals after a certain time, continuous signal lasting as long as you do not hear and do not come running to turn it off, and even a postpone option. With this app you can schedule your medication daily, weekly or monthly and set maximum number of allowed doses to avoid dangerous overdoses. Dosecast tracks remaining quantities of your medicines, sends refill reminders, and logs medication adherence. The app is free of charge, but there is paid version of it as well.

CareZone Meds - Manage Medications and Doctor's Instructions

CareZone offers the easiest way of creating a med list – just take picture of bottles with prescribed pills and the details will be automatically imported to your mobile app. Once you create your medication list it will be sharable by email and printable, so you can put a schedule on the fridge or take it with you to a doctor. A ‘Journal’ feature allows you to record symptoms, doctor’s instructions, and privately share updates with family members. You can use the calendar to track your medical appointments and synchronize it with other calendars, also you can create to-do lists for yourself and assign task to others. Of course the app has medication reminder option and tracks adherence over time.

All apps listed above are available for iOS and Android operating system for smartphones, and have a free version available.

Are you Taking Your Medications as Prescribed?

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