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Home Care Safety Tips for Aging Parents

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMay 27, 2016

When you’re dealing with a aging parents, the first thing on your mind may indeed be their safety. Most of the injuries that people over 55 suffer occur mainly at home and could be prevented if special precaution is taken....   Continue reading...

8 Tech Trends for Seniors

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMay 17, 2016

Grandpa doesn't have to stop his tech knowledge right after he learned how to text or 'surf the net'. Simply put, don't underestimate a senior citizen in the Rochester, NY area! Not only are they able to embrace new technology, but certain new technological advances specifically cater to them and their needs....  Continue reading...

8 Early Warning Signs of Macular Degeneration

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMay 09, 2016

There are a lot of warning signs that are associated with macular degeneration, but many people choose to ignore them. One cannot emphasise enough on the importance of acknowledging these signs in the very beginning. With early treatments, there is a high chance of preventing the advanced consequences. If care is taken from the very beginning, good vision cannot only be preserved but also improved.  Continue reading...

How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents about Home Health Care

Home Over 55 Staff WriterApr 22, 2016

As your parents age and senior care becomes more important, you may have to have a conversation with them about elderly care at home. Discussing serious decisions with parents and family members about elderly care at home can be challenging, but it is important to bring about the most beneficial choices. When it comes to family, small differences can become large arguments, so it is best to approach this topic with care...  Continue reading...

10 Fun Activities to Stay in Shape Mentally as we age

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMar 28, 2016

We all know the saying "you're only as old as you feel", but we've never understood what it meant until scientists took a closer look at the connection between body and mind. Research has now proven that there's a lot more truth behind the saying than we thought...  Continue reading...

5 Tips To Staying Fit After 50

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMar 24, 2016

There are plenty of reasons to think about keeping fit after 50, or any age for that matter. Whether you were physically fit before the age of 50 or not, you can begin thinking about implementing physical exercise into your life for optimal health. Health experts assert that being fit in your 50’s and beyond can help you in many ways...  Continue reading...

5 Trusted Apps For Seniors to Manage Your Medications

Home Over 55 Staff WriterMar 18, 2016

Nobody is safe from forgetting to take pills on time, missing a dosage or taking double dose by mistake, but the risk among seniors is higher. Failure to comply with a prescription's timing and dosage of medication can have serious affects on senior health and may lead to worsening disease states and even hospitalization. A smart way to decrease worries caused by control over prescriptions is to delegate it to your smartphone, iPad, or tablet.  Continue reading...

Important Steps To Selling Your Home

Marci DiehlOct 24, 2015

You’ve called your house home for a long time, but now it’s time to downsize. Where to begin? Do you hire a Realtor first? Do a pre-emptive professional home inspection? Tackle clutter before doing anything?

A large family home may be full of possessions accumulated over decades. Clearing out and scaling down can be freeing, but it usually feels overwhelming, too. Having a plan can make the process less stressful and help you look forward to your new, low-maintenance lifestyle.  Continue reading...

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